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Clinical Study 1 – PandiMex (HemoMex I) and Careseng SG2 (HemoMex S) for Palliative treatment in advanced NSCLC patients

  • In this prospective, single-arm study stage IV, palliative, NSCLC patients were administered Pandimex (HemoMex I) and Careseng-SG2 (HemoMex S)only.  
  • The study were  target subjects between 18 and 75 years of age, who had  been diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC, have at least one remote metastatic lesion, had not responded to their last chemotherapy treatment, were currently only receiving palliative treatment, and had an expected survival of at least three months.
  • Preliminary results indicated the use of PandiMex (HemoMex I) and Careseng SG2 (HemoMex S) as palliative treatment in non-small cellular lung cancer cases caused common improvement of condition in patients. It was expressed in positive mood, appetite changes, energy increase, etc. The above mentioned provided them more activity and improvement of their life style, intoxication, induced by the tumor process- decreased and electrolytic balance –corrected. In 26.7% cases the process of tumor growth was seen to be stabilized. 
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