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Clinical Study 5 - Careseng SG2 (HemoMex S) in combination with standard chemotherapy for treatment of solid tumors.

In this prospective, two-arm study, The study target  were  subjects between 18 and 75 years of age, who have been diagnosed with: NSCLC,  Breast cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Gynaecology Cancer

41 Patients administered Careseng SG2 (HemoMex S) along with standard chemotherapy regimens treatment  during 16 weeks  and was compared to retrospective controls with 39 patient that have received only standard chemotherapy regimens treatment and have an expected survival of at least six months

The primary objective of this study was, to determine the efficacy and safety of Careseng SG2 (HemoMex S) in reducing toxicity of chemotherapy agents for the treatment of solid tumours when in combination with standard chemotherapy regimens. 

Secondary objectives are:

  1. To assess the tumour response after 16 weeks of chemotherapy and Careseng SG2 (HemoMex S) treatment.
  2. To assess the subjects’ Quality of Life.

Trial results demonstrated Careseng SG2 (HemoMex S) could effectively reduce the toxicity of cytotoxic agents and improve the tumor response.

Tumor process stabilization   (PS)                                                     Disease Progression
19 cases (65.5%) of Treatment group  (TG)                       10 cases  ( 29% ) of Treatment group  (TG)
13 cases (54.17%) of control group    (CG)                        11 cases  ( 45.84%) of control group    (CG)

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