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DS synergizes with various antitumor agents

Experiments in drug-resistant tumor cells have provided the proof that Dammarane Sapogenins can sensitize drug-resistant tumor cells to anti-cancer drugs; for example, the threshold concentration of taxol in drug-resistant tumor cells decreased from 100uM to 10uM in with and without Dammarane Sapogenins treatments, suggesting Dammarane Sapogenins synergize with taxol and sensitize drug-resistant tumor cells to chemotherapy by 10 fold (figure 1). 

Figure 1. The effect of Dammarane Sapogenins on drug-resistant cancer cells

Gemzar is the first-line drug for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. As shown in figure 2, Dammarane Sapogenins increase the sensitivity of pancreatic cancer cells to gemzar, and 90% of tumor cells died in the combination treatment of gemzar and Dammarane Sapogenins, compared to 40% in gemzar treatment alone.

As same, the treatment with Dammarane Sapogenins drastically disproves drug-resistant p388 leukemic cells of drug resistance, and decreases the IC50 of daunorubicin by more than 300 fold. Therefore, Dammarane Sapogenins display a superior synergistic effect with daunorubicin.

Figure 2. Dammarane Sapogenins synergize with Adriamycin in drug-resistant P288adr cancer cells

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