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DS Reduces Tumor Size and Prolongs Survival in Heterograft Tumor Models

To demonstrate the therapeutic efficacy of dammarane sapogenines, one must test it on animal tumor models before use on patients.

An example is shown in figure 1 which shows result of an experiment that used animals bearing malignant brain tumors. In this study, malignant glioma cells were implanted in the brain. Control animals only received saline while the experimental groups received dammarane sapogenins containing agent orally for 10 days. From the keplain-Meior surviving curves where the x-axis represents survival days and the y-axis is the percentage of animals that survived on each day, animals in the control group all died within 24 days while 40% animals treated with dammarane sapogenins containing agent in the dose group 25mg/kg survived. In addition, even at a low dosage, the animals lived longer compared to the control group, demonstrated by a right shift of the survival curve.

As shown in figure 2, tumor sizes of dammarane sapogenins treated animals were much smaller than in the control group suggesting an inhibition of tumor growth.

A similar tumor inhibitory effect was also seen in other tumor models including prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer (refer to table)

Heterograft Tumor Model in Mice

Glimoa (9L)
Prostate Cancer (U87)
Melanoma (B16)
Hepatocellular Cancer (H22)

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